Senin, 05 Januari 2009

My life in 2008

Talking about 2008, I might say I got so many new experiences that I hadn’t even dream about in previous year. Year that full with good things for me and made me even more crying to be close with and touched by God’s hand. Realized that I am so blessed…

Started in January when I was offered to teach English in Salemba Group Learning Courses by Mila. I was doubt to accept since I never had courses along my life so I had no idea how to teach in such Learning Courses. Should I be like teacher at school who would give punishment to student who didn’t pay attention or somewhat else??? And I also never joined in English courses too. All capabilities of mine are got autodidactic. So, “was I really deserved to do it?” My heart said that I should try so I am able to know whether I was deserved or not

Thank God that I felt really enjoy with new environment. I never thought that I would find such lovely working environment at Salemba Group. In February, a new job was flown into my hand. Aat, my partner at ISAFIS offered me to join in private teaching learning courses titled Alika at Depok 2. In the near time I got some side-jobs in teaching English

Then March, Ucrinz Elabora (MiLABOtiaRA) ask me to apply in Ganesha Operation Learning Courses. I tried and thanks God I was accepted too. I directly got some schedules there but unfortunately it wasn’t so for Labora.
It was the first time in my life that I get my own earnings. Wow, nothing compare the feel of satisfaction of getting our own income, that's for sure. Usually you just asking your mom for anything you want to buy but now you can give it to your mother, for your family. It felt like you are already being an independent man. I haven’t asked for money to my mother, even for paying credit, lunch, holiday, etc. it was the first time too I can hold some big amount of money in a month that even can beat my friends' income who work in a company.

April, for the first time to, I have a Table Manner class. We wear business attire and eat in manner at a restaurant. Haha… In the same month, I joined as usher at Kick Andy Goes to Campus and Annual Regional Government Meeting at UI.
After a long time of being alone, in 2008 I was really close again to Kiki. Yeah, maybe it seems like we are cheating but we didn’t care at all. We felt a huge love that we ever felt some years ago. We often went together, even I accompanied her working in her office over midnight. That was really wonderful moments that makes me realize that I still love her so much. Perhaps that’s why I still can't open my heart yet for another relationship.

May. Well, I was feeling so much dilemma. I was in fire of falling in love again with Kiki. On the other hand, there were two girls who revealed their feelings to me. What should I do???

In June, WOW, amazing time I had! I joined in 2nd Asia-Europe Youth Interfaith Dialogue. For the first time in my life, one of my dreams came true. I joined in some days meeting with youth from Asia and Europe in International system, taking part in delivering idea for world concern, eats International meals menu all time in five-star hotel in Bandung. All done in English. And I made friends with so many people there!!!

July I had internship at Information and Media Services, Department of Foreign Affairs for a month with Jessi and Affi. We met Nika, Inggar and others too. Well, once again I got friends. The internship was both interesting and boring. Haha. But there are so many nice people there, esp Mba Wi. This month, I also got a job as translator for Kalbe Nutritional handbook. Hmm… it’s really hard to be a translator… Fiuh

Since August, I’ve become Abang Depok 2008, Tourism Youth Ambassador of Depok City. I was shocked by myself that I won the pageant. How come. I joined in determination and not so optimal I guess. But I’m so glad that my mother was proud of me. The biggest happiness for a child is to see his parents proud of him, happy and smile for him and when he feels that he can repay all goodness that parents give to him, including giving his earnings.

September. Actually I got an internship at Panasonic. Through all selection process and interview, I was accepted in Press Relations. BUT. Unfortunately, the manager just said that she needed me to work fulltime so I have to choose one between working in Panasonic and study. And I chose my study. One more! In September 2008 for the first time too, I held a surprise party for my mother and my friend. What a good experience…

October I met Gero and friends. They came from Germany and would stay 4 days in Jakarta before going to Semarang to do volunteer. I was being such a tour guide. I had to find appropriate hotel for them in Jaksa street, pick them up at airport, make sure that they got all their needs, accompany them touring in Jakarta and other things. At the same time, I also pass the outline council for my final paper. Yes! Haha…

Unfortunately I have to bury my dream to graduate in 3,5 year because I didn’t have much time to done my paper since all papers should be collected in the end of December. So I just had two months. Actually it’s possible for me to wrap the paper in two months but in November, I would follow the selection and quarantine as Mojang Jajaka Jawa Barat 2008 (Tourism Youth Ambassador of West Java) in a whole one month where I met kind friends around West Java, like Fahri Dian Fery Rudi Dita Andra Kinan Resi Yusuf Feri Afri etc. By the way, on November my pictures are spread at some spots in Depok. Haha. Well, back to my final paper case, I couldn’t finish it in a month reminds that I must have some consultation schedules with my lecturer, doing research, processing data and other steps so,,, huhuhu.

December. I was happy for my friends’ graduation. Presti, Rina, Pius, Kippy. And I also was offered to join Danone business competition and apply to be Javajazz committee that will be announced in January 2009.

It’s just some big stories that I faced in 2008. There are still so many good memories I experienced. About my job, my friends, offer from an agency, about my life. I felt so more freedom this year and I learnt big learn about being sincere.

Thank God. You are so kind to me. Please, touch my heart and make me dying for Your love… In every beat of my heart and breathe.